World-class R&D System

Leading Global R&D Chain

Since its founding in 1970, the Plastika Kritis Group has established a database of end-user requirements and environments in more than 70 countries around the world, and built a global R&D system with the support of top researchers at its headquarters in Greece. Based on the geographical environment, climate conditions and crop characteristics in different regions across the world, we have developed more than 300 formulas for agricultural films that we supply to the global market and different customers.

Strong commitment to Chinese market: R&D localization

HiTeC has carried out business in China for nearly 20 years. Always customer-oriented, it conducts a large number of market surveys based on the characteristics of China's environment and users’ needs, and develops many targeted products, occupying a leading part of the high-end agricultural film market in China and winning the recognition and trust of Chinese customers.
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