Quality Control

Advanced technology ensures perfect quality
Strive for excellence in every aspect of production
Implement U.S. national standards to ensure perfect products reach the market

Strict quality control on the origin of raw materials:

All raw materials are from top-level international suppliers
We carry out spot checks on the quality of all batches of raw materials before production to ensure stable quality.
The polymer is from internationally renowned suppliers. The key masterbatches are produced in-house, at our Greek main plant.

Implementing U.S. national test method standards:

Ensure the high quality of products
Our laboratory has the most complete testing equipment in the industry and adopts the strict ASTM testing standards.

Precise processes:

Ensure continuous improvement in production

Real-time monitoring over production

The entire production workshop of HiTeC implements 24-hour real-time monitoring to ensure the quality of products.

Strict control over the stability and accuracy of the feedstock

The digital control of the feedstock and the automatic adjustment of deviations guarantee the consistency of product properties.

The R&D of New Products:

Rigorous life-cycle testing before product launch
HiTeC has a host of cooperative test bases in more than 70 countries around the world, where products are required to undergo 3-5 years of testing before being launched.

Advanced Equipment

Imported European and American equipment, world-class cutting-edge technology
—— Always at the forefront of quality

HiTeC uses the most advanced imported European and American equipment


Uniform fusion under high temperature, stable consistency and high output

Thickness control sensor:

Real-time monitoring: as soon as thickness deviations are detected, the computer makes automatic adjustments to ensure the film’s thickness uniformity.

Feeding system:

Automated feeding system strictly following the formula and dosage


Automatic control, cutting and winding.
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