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HiTeC named its brand in China "pep® Li De film" because of the “vitalizing” meaning contained in pep, symbolizing HiTeC’s intention to use pep Li De film to vitalize more plants. It uses 3-layer co-extrusion technology for better performance.
"pop® Pi ou film"has been upgraded from 3-layer co-extruded film to 7-layer and 1-layer of high-end coating. HiTeC is the first company in East Asia to offer agricultural films with 7-layer co-extrusion technology.
Compared to pep, pop provides more combinations of properties for agricultural films, so you have more flexibility in choosing the combination that suits you. It can integrate multiple properties into one agricultural film. Additionally, the high-end coating equipment is used to make the surface coating more uniform, which can improve the consistency and extend the service life of the agricultural films.

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