The group

Plastika Kritis Group is a major international producer of agricultural films

and masterbatches. Headquartered in Greece, it has a strong international orientation with plants in France, Romania, Poland, Russia, Turkey and China and exports to more than 60 countries around the world. It has been listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1999.

The Group specializes in the production of agricultural films, geomembranes, masterbatches, polyethylene pipes, recycled plastics and renewable energy. It is serving with its products the plastics industry, the horticultural & agricultural markets as well as projects related to water-management and environmental protection.

Utilizing its 47 years of experience and know-how

he deep knowledge of plastic materials and their uses in agricultural applications, the intensive research carried out at its laboratories and experimental farms, the Group can provide optimized solutions for protecting crops, improving yields and increasing farm revenues.

The group produces its own additive concentrates

i.e. the critical components that provide the films with their special attributes. It has, therefore, a significant advantage in terms of quality consistency, know-how creation and cost structure. With agricultural film production out of 3 locations, the Group can service efficiently and competitively any part of the world, independently of raw material price and currency fluctuations.

Plastika Kritis also owns and operates a 12 MW Wind Park and 340 KW of photovoltaic stations in Greece, producing electricity that secures for the company the most competitive source of energy.