Manufacturing capabilities

The company's plant in Shanghai has a capacity of 30,000 MT/year (66 million lbs) and can be considered as one of the most modern of its kind worldwide. Its layout ensures high productivity combined with strict safety and protection standards for employees.

Production equipment is of the latest American and European technology. It is capable of producing agricultural films up to 20 m wide and geomembranes up to 2.5 mm of thickness. It can process the latest generation of ultra-strong polyethylene (metallocenes) as well as traditional polymers such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and EVA. Production lines are fully automated: production set-up, processing parameters, formulations, gravimetric feeding of materials and size changeovers are monitored, controlled and adjusted with a sophisticated computer system.

HiTeC's films and geomembranes are all produced with 3-layer co-extrusion technology. They consist of 3 inseparable layers, each made of different polymers and containing different additives. Every layer contributes to the quality of the film with its useful properties, thus achieving an optimum performance.

Capacity of 30,000 MT/year (66 million lbs)

Quality Assurance

The company operates according to the principles of "Total Quality" and has been certified according to ISO 9001.

Its laboratory is equipped with all necessary instruments for performing all necessary tests according to Chinese and international standards. Detailed quality records are kept for each lot, ensuring total traceability.

Research and development

The company places enormous importance in research and development of new products, tailored to the particular requirements of each area, greenhouse type and crop. Product development is carried-out in the company's laboratory by qualified engineers as well as in cooperation with European and other international companies through joint development projects, exchange of information and experience. Hitec has established its own agricultural experimental station in its plant in Shanghai, with a number of greenhouses that permit testing and comparison of new products in actual farming conditions.