Silage films

Hitec manufactures wide 3-layer black/white, black, black/green and white/green silage films. The white layer, facing the sky, reflects heat and prevents overheating of the stored product, while the black layer assures total opacity which is necessary for maintaining the quality of the stored product and its nutrient value. Due to their 3-layer structure the films have lower gas-transmission than monolayer films and lead to better fermentation of the stored product, hence in better quality of the animal feed and more milk production.

The recommended thickness of silage films is 125-150 mic (5-6 mil). They are UV-stabilized for 1 year or more and can be produced at widths up to 20 m (66’) as single sheets and up to 40m (132’) as welded sheets with a single seam.

Hitec’s latest range of silage films is based on high-strength polymers (metallocenes), which can be made thinner than regular PE films (110-125 mic), while at the same time being stronger and safer.