Sun light passing through a greenhouse film and entering a greenhouse is split into “direct” and “diffused”. Even though increased levels of diffusion can cause a film to appear “hazy”, they do not affect the total quantity of light that is passing through the film. The total amount of PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) received by the plants remains the same.

It is now generally accepted that diffused light has a positive effect on plant growth, especially for spring and summer crops and in areas with many days of strong, direct sunlight during the year. Light diffusion offers a moderate cooling effect, it prevents burnings, it reduces shadows and ensures more uniform distribution of light, so that it reaches even the lower parts of plants.

Hitec has the know-how and therefore the ability to produce:

  • Crystal clear films with very low diffusion (Maximum direct light).
  • Films with medium diffusion
  • Films with very high diffusion


The choice of the most appropriate level of diffusion depends on the climate of the area, the crop and the season(s) of growing. Hitec's experts are at the disposal of our customers to consult them on the most suitable level for every particular case.