Hitec has developed a range of special disease control films that contribute to “Integrated Pest Management” and therefore assist in reducing the usage of pesticides.

Important types of disease and insect control films are UV blocking films, that absorb UV radiation up to 380nm, thus achieving:

  • Reduction of the population of whiteflies, thrips, miners, aphids and other harmful insects. Reduction of such populations also results to reduction of viruses which can be vectored to cultivars by these insects.
  • Control of the spread of certain diseases, by reduction of the sporulation of the relevant pathogenic fungi.(Example: Botrytis)
  • Reduction of "petal blackening" of red roses, which actually results in increasing their commercial value.

Note: “UV-blocking” films should be used after testing when a) bumble-bees are used as pollinators b) when beneficial insects are used for pest control and c) when growing eggplants or other purple flowers or crops. A number of other parameters, such as temperature and humidity, enhance the development of diseases. The plastic film alone may not control diseases, it can, however, contribute to their control, when used in conjunction with other suitable methods.