Films for animal shelters & mushroom houses

Polyethylene films offer an efficient and inexpensive solution for covering farm buildings and livestock shelters for poultry, pigs, sheep, cattle etc. It provides cooling effect for farm buildings which results in smaller possibility of disease caused by high temperature and in significant power-saving especially during summer. Snow melts and is removed more easily compared to traditional external covering materials, such as non-woven “blankets”. This decreases the risk of collapsing.

Farm buildings and animal shelters can be covered with a single layer of thick film (usually 130-200 mic). More advanced structures are composed of 3 layers: an external special animal shelter film (130-150mic), an insulation material, and a thinner film (80-120 mic) inside, as support.

Hitec offers for this application special 3-layer black/white film with a thickness of 130-200 mic, widths of up to 20 m, and a lifetime of 3-5 years depending on the area of use. Other colors can also be offered upon request (e.g. black/green, white/green).